The AutoTRADER app is the leading automotive search tool. The goal was to create a clean and visually pleasing interface. Steps were taken to organize the app in such a way to not overwhelm but instead entice the user to create their own car guide and scrapbook , share their favourite vehicles and allow for the creation of their own intuitive notification system. Speed and simplicity were a major factor in this design... take the road less traveled.


Even with being the most popular vehicle search tool. I wanted to create a desire for the user to return to the app even if the individual was not looking to purchase at the time.


Receive instant notification when you are near a vehicle that you have added to your favourites or based on your saved search criteria and book a test drive. Chat with vehicle dealers, owners and friends about the ride you have your eye on.
Building networks and how individuals network plays a big part in bringing traffic to the app. Features were added such as comparing vehicles with a friend or seller so that one can get feedback. One can also Initiate a calendar to book a test drive. Video conferencing was also implemented to build a stronger and more secure relationship with the client or seller.

The Red

The iconic Autotrader red was an essential part to the design but as this is such an intense color, it had to be strategically placed as to not take away or distract from any of the content.


Packed full of exciting and robust features such as an intuitive filter that delivers recommendations and notifications, versatile networking capabilities. Eye catching advertising that does not interrupt the design or affect the users search results. A clean and simple interface that had a great deal of user testing in order to create the perfect balance.
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